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Spotlight: Dr. Grantham talks about changes and new developments in SBTM

Dr. Georgia Grantham, Ph.D. (DMD Faculty Adviser)

Dr. Georgia Grantham, Ph.D. (DMD Faculty Adviser)

The School of Business and Technology Management at Northcentral University strives to achieve online academic excellence by providing innovative educational opportunities and professional solutions in the changing world of management, leadership, and service. As your Faculty Adviser for Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, it is a pleasure working with the dedicated officers and active members this past year as your Faculty Adviser for Delta Mu Delta Honor Society. NCU continues to experience growth and change to accommodate the ever changing needs of our students and global community. This includes the development of high quality educational programs and services. As many of you know who successfully completed programs at NCU, we recognize and reward scholastic achievement and value your commitment to Delta MU Delta.

New Programs

We are excited to share that four pending new programs have been approved by The US Department of Education. The programs include a Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management, Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management, and Master of Science in Accounting.

Other programs that were approved include the Accelerated bachelor’s to master’s track: NCU’s FastForward Track allows students to advance in one accelerated path from their associate degree all the way through their bachelor’s to master’s – months faster and with lower total tuition costs. NCU’s FastForward Track also allows bachelor students to choose from all available master’s specializations in SBTM and SSBS. Students will save time by starting their master’s program with four 8-week courses already completed, as well as save 41.1% on their total tuition costs.

We have also added the Dissertation Student Experience (DSE) to further develop and enhance the doctoral programs. NCU/SBTM is moving to its new learning management system (D2L), also called Brightspace. New courses will be offered starting November 7, 2016, using the D2L platform. This new platform moves our technology to a new level for further engagement and learning opportunities—a tool that will support both faculty and students. The SBTM will be offering a portfolio option for the comprehensive exam.

Dean Peter Bemski, leader for the SBTM, is currently working with his two Assistant Deans, Dr. Richard Thompson and Dr. Leila Sopko, Assistant Dean of Dissertation Faculty, to support the SBTM community. The NCU Commons continues to provide a stellar communication environment for the NCU online community. We encourage all of you to stay in touch and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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