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Prospective Members

Thank you for your interest in the Lambda Eta Chapter of Delta Mu Delta! We are a growing, active chapter that welcomes new members regularly and finds ways to connect and engage membership both during enrollment at Northcentral University and after graduation.

The Lambda Eta Chapter of Delta Mu Delta is an active chapter dedicated to providing opportunities for scholarship and networking to the membership. The benefits of joining Delta Mu Delta are life-long, and learners can reap long-term benefit from membership well after their educational journey at Northcentral University is completed. (See: Why Join DMD)

There are many benefits to joining the Lambda Eta Chapter of Delta Mu Delta. Prospective members can find information here regarding benefits both internationally and through Northcentral University’s Lambda Eta Chapter of Delta Mu Delta. (See: Apply Now)

There are requirements for application into this international honor society. Students who meet criteria will automatically receive an emailed invitation to join under the current membership processes, or may contact the chapter’s Faculty Adviser to determine eligibility.  We conduct our induction ceremony in an online-learner, user-friendly manner. (See: Online Induction)