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Steven A. Buckner, Ph.D.


Member name: Steven A. Buckner, Ph.D.

LinkedIn Profile Address:

State/Country of residence: Fort Worth, Texas

NCU degree (achieved or in process): Ph.D. in Aerospace Safety Systems

Why did you choose NCU? I was in need of an online graduate school that would fit my chaotic adult lifestyle, and flexibility that would work on my own schedule without residency. Having a family and a full-time career, taking time off to attend classes and residency were definitely not good options for me. National Accreditation played a major role in my decision as well.

When did you join Delta Mu Delta:  I joined DMD Lambda Eta in 2012, just after passing my comprehensive exam.

What motivated you to join Delta Mu Delta?  When I received the invitation to joined, I was honored to be selected. Once I researched the organization mission of promoting academic excellence, it reinforced my desire to be involved.

What has been the biggest benefit to you through your membership? During the 2014 graduation ceremony in Phoenix, AZ, I was able to meet several members of the Chapter. Their enthusiasm and interaction was a testament to the character of the organization. The relationships that were developed are immeasurable..!

Have you ever held an active role with Delta Mu Delta? If so, was it at the NCU Lambda Eta Chapter level or international level?  I served as the DMD Lambda Eta Chapter President in 2014 along with a great slate of fellow officers. It was a great honor and we accomplished many great initiatives. One of the Chapter most important objectives in 2014 was to vote on our ability to support charitable organizations.

If you were talking to someone who was thinking about joining Delta Mu Delta, what would you tell them?  Use DMD as a vehicle to create new relationships. DMD not only promotes academic integrity, but it shows your commitment educational excellence. You also have the opportunity to serve as an officer in the organization! 

If you would like, please share a little bio about yourself: your career, hobbies, whatever you would like to share.

I’ve been employed with the Federal Aviation Administration for 13 years as a General Aviation, Operation Aviation Safety Inspector. I am Certified Flight Instructor with a single-engine, multi-engine, instrument rating, and have logged over 3,500 total hours. My current position is the Regional Safety Program Manager for the Southwest Region, FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam). The FAASTeam mission is to reduce general aviation accidents through educational outreach, training and partnering with the aviation industry. I retired with United Parcel Service after 25 years of service. As you can tell, the majority of my adult career has been in transportation.

I’ve taught several aviation safety courses at ERAU for over two years and recently certified teaching Eagle Vision Home courses as well. Naturally I enjoy teaching aviation classes due the fact that I work in the aviation field. Being able to take the theoretical textbook knowledge and integrating it with practical real life experiences is the best application of both worlds. The clarity of both perspectives enhances the student knowledge retention and the ability to apply what they learned in the classroom and work environment.

I’ve been married for 22 years and have two children, a boy, 19, and a girl, 21 who are both in college. When not working at the FAA and teaching at ERAU, I enjoy hanging out with the kids. My other interests include working with computers, traveling to new places and hanging out at the gym.