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Lee V. Mangold

Lee-Mangold-300x276Member name: Lee V. Mangold

LinkedIn Profile Address:

State/Country of residence: Orlando, FL

NCU degree (achieved or in process): DBA in Computer  and Information Security (ABD)

Why did you choose NCU? I was looking for an online graduate school that allowed me to pursue my information security doctorate on my own schedule and without residency. Having a family and a full-time career, taking time off for classes and residency just were not options for me.

When did you join Delta Mu Delta:  I joined DMD Lambda Eta in 2012, just after passing my comprehensive exam.

What motivated you to join Delta Mu Delta?  Many reasons come to mind, but the most influential reason is that I wanted to find a way to encourage a sense of community in my online classes.  Somewhat paradoxically, I generally choose online schools for the schedule freedom, but I still look for that personal connection. DMD has been a great way to do that.

What has been the biggest benefit to you through your membership? The people I have met in DMD has been the greatest benefit for me. The advisers, officers, and students have all been willing to help in chapter activities when asked, and performed above expectation.

Have you ever held an active role with Delta Mu Delta? If so, was it at the NCU Lambda Eta Chapter level or international level?  I served as the DMD Lambda Eta president in 2013 along with a wonderful slate of fellow officers.

If you were talking to someone who was thinking about joining Delta Mu Delta, what would you tell them?  Join, get involved, and meet new people!  You get what you put in to this. Use DMD as a stepping stone to new connections and relationships. And, if you have the time and are willing, nominate yourself as an officer! 

If you would like, please share a little bio about yourself: your career, hobbies, whatever you would like to share.

I’m a researcher, scientist, author, doctoral candidate, and entrepreneur and information security practitioner. Through my work in both private and public organizations, I have built a diverse profile of high-tech projects and security solutions. I am currently a senior researcher and network operations manager for a US Department of Defense contractor, the Vice President of the Florida Cyber Alliance, the Vice President of the Central Florida Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, a Cyber Patriot Mentor, and the President of LVM Engineering, Inc.

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