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Delta Mu Delta’s Brunch Zoom Seminars

Delta Mu Delta’s Brunch Zoom Seminars
Getting A Job in a Tough Economy
A Series of Three Panel Seminars

Delta Mu Delta’s members are facing the challenges of finding employment and communicating their skills to employers swamped by online applications. But you are the best of your graduating class, but can you communicate this to employers with many applications.

Find out how to stand out from the crowd in online applications, communicate your skills and fit with the organization, and build a network of contacts to develop your future career.

In partnership with the University of Phoenix, join a panel of experts for a series of three FREE seminars (under an hour) on Zoom.

Session 1:  Building Your Personal Brand: Why Me?

Thursday, October 8th,  11:00 am (CST)  [ 12 (EST); 10 (MST); 9 (PST) ]

  • Reinventing yourself, developing and experimenting with your personal brand.
  • Grow your confidence to stand out at interviews.
  • Assessing your unique skills and how they bring value to an organization.

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Moderator: Dr. Kevin McCarthy, President of Delta Mu Delta

Panelists: Na’Tasha Pritchett, Senior Career Ambassador, The University of Phoenix, Herman Raybon, Jr.,  Brandy Alexander (DMD Member)

Session 2: Creating Effective Career Collateral

Thursday, November 5th,  11:00 am (CST)  [ 12 (EST); 10 (MST); 9 (PST) ]

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Session 3: Strategic Networking: Empowering YOU to Thrive

Thursday, December 3rd, 11:00 am (CST)  [ 12 (EST); 10 (MST); 9 (PST) ]

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